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President Obama Makes His NBA Finals And Super Bowl Predictions.In a Super Bowl prediction revealed Monday, President Barack Obama chose the Carolina Panthers to win.President Obama gave his eighth annual pre-Super Bowl interview just hours before Super Bowl 50 kicks off, and football fans are hoping something different.The President of the United States has made his Super Bowl pick.

President Obama won’t commit to a Super Bowl pick

President Obama Makes His NBA Finals and NFL Super Bowl Predictions. 0. President Obama Makes His NBA Finals.

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See what the payouts for both the Seahawks and Broncos are if President Obama selects them.

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Why say something definitive and upset half the country when you can speak in circles and say nothing at all.

Super Bowl: Obama Gives Prediction, Weighs In on

Obamas share Super Bowl traditions with. reveal his predictions for the Super Bowl,.

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Barack Obama Wins Soft Bowl With CBS’ Gayle King In Super

The president refused to reveal whether he was rooting for the Denver Broncos or Carolina Panthers.President Barack Obama sat down with Savannah Guthrie on Super Bowl Sunday and discussed what everyone is waiting to hear -- his predictions on the outcome.So when a photo of POTUS 44 watching his first Super Bowl as president began.


President Barack Obama picked the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl, and the Golden State Warriors to take home the NBA Title.In 2009, 10 days after his inauguration, President Barack Obama made a prediction.

Whoops! Obama's Super Bowl prediction revealed early

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting spectacle in the United States, so it should come as no surprise that President Barack Obama is ready for the big game on.

During the live Super Bowl pre-show interview at the White House, Gayle King asked President Obama to predict which team he thought would win the Super.Barack Obama is making his final Super Bowl call as president: New England against Seattle.Barack Obama made his final Super Bowl prediction as president this week, picking the New England Patriots to face the Seattle Seahawks in a rematch of the 2015 game.NEW YORK (AP) — Barack Obama is making his final Super Bowl call as president: New England against Seattle.

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President Barack Obama Predicts Final Score of 2014 Super Bowl. not be feeling as sure of his predictions as he.

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Obama says other than his hometown Chicago Bears, the Steelers.

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Even President Barack Obama unimpressed by NFL teams in

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President Barack Obama is usually never shy about making picks.